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    Is your current system getting older and not supporting your team very well? Or maybe it's not that old but somehow it's having problems and that is starting to impact employees and customers?

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  • Q2

    Your business do a lot of calls? You missing some tools like call reporting/tracking, and call recording? Is your team missing some of the newer unified communication tools like business SMS/txt?

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  • Q3

    You know how the customer service of these large national service-providers isn't that great? You have to do a lot of things yourself? They change things without telling you? They hardly fix things right the first time? And when you call them back they are like annoyed?

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  • Analysis

    Well as a local service provider, what we do is actually care about your success. But you may be naturally inclined to assume upgrading would be difficult and might not produce good results. We understand, just ask us how/why. 

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Our Process

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We will help you identify how VOIP services work, best practices, and what to look for in a good provider.

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We provide you an in-person or online demo. Then we put together an easy to understand quote.


Our installation process is streamlined and fast and we follow-up to ensure your satisfaction.

Is your communications system meeting the needs of your team and your customers?

Benefits of Cloud-Based

Your system resides in the cloud using your Internet connection with no on-premise hardware or software to install or maintain (except maybe phones).

With a cloud-based solution, your business can take advantage of the following benefits:


  • No hardware costs except the phones themselves
  • Pay ONLY for what you need & use
  • Most features & upgrades are included in cost


  • Quick & easy setup and installation
  • Multiple locations are supported by one phone system in the cloud
  • No maintenance required


  • Scales to your needs as you grow, using exactly what you need, when you need it
  • Phone lines can be added or deleted in a matter of minutes

Upgrading Features

  • Time to market = Immediate
  • All upgrades are made available automatically through the cloud


  • Anyone can connect from multiple devices with an Internet connection, making it easy to extend to a remote workforce
  • Work-from-home ready

Disaster Recovery

  • Built-in failover in the event of Internet or power loss
  • Calls automatically rerouted to other data centers so customer experience is not affected

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