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Two Ways to Immediately Increase Productivity and Reduce Paperwork

If you think about it, it's amazing how much time we waste at the office in miscommunication over little bits of detailed information. I don't mean to say that everything in work life is about efficiency… sometimes it's nice to just chat about the most recent dramas.


But when it comes to getting work done, if you think about it something as simple as passing along a voicemail message or a hand-written form used for tracking can translate into hours of wasted time because of a simple mistake in translation.


In this "Tips & Tricks" blog post I'm gonna give you two simple example tools that can immediately help reduce miscommunication around the office and increase productivity.


Productivity is a hot-button issue for just about every business and the reason these two simple tools increase productivity is because they reduce paperwork by 100%.


In the first example, consider how often your team needs to create a form for tracking information. Some examples include Registration Forms, or HR Forms, or maybe Sales Tracking Forms. It is very common for forms like these to be created as a Word document or PDF, stored on the server, and distributed around via email. These forms are usually then printed, completed manually, and eventually forwarded to the right person such as the HR Director or the Sales Manager. This entire manual paperwork process is slow and filled with miscommunication. A better way is to use an electronic form in the cloud. Jotform (www.jotform.com) is a powerful online cloud-based tool that allows anyone to quickly create custom online forms. No more manually creating forms in Word, no more storage on server, no more manual printing, completing, and submitting. All of that get's eliminated and the data can be sent anywhere including an automated email or stored as a row in a spreadsheet.


In the second example, how often does you team need to pass along important information that a someone left in a voicemail? Most of the time when there's an important voicemail message we are grabbing a pen, yellow sticky note, and scratching down important information and we try to type it in an email. This manual process is also slow and sometimes phone numbers are transposed or written down incorrectly. A better way is to use Voicemail Transcription. With VM Transcription turned-on, passing a long a simple voice-mail message is as simple as forwarding a voice-mail delivered email. No more hand-writing anything. This translates into hours of time-saving productivity. Contact us for more information on how to enable Voicemail Transcription.

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