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05 October 2022

Unified Communications & Collaboration Tech News
  • Essential Conversational Analytics Events for Your Calendar in 2022 and 2023
    Customer expectations have evolved drastically in recent years. Today’s consumers expect to receive hyper personalised, convenient, and fast-paced service on every channel. To constantly achieve high levels of satisfaction, companies need more than just the right CCaaS tools. They need insights. Conversational analytics technology leverages the power of artificial intelligence and natural language processing to […]
  • Bandwidth, Resonate, CallCabinet, Deltapath, and Gamma on Microsoft Teams Bootcamp
    1. What are the pros and cons of Microsoft Teams compared to its competitors?  Harkirat Degun, Product Director at Resonate: “Microsoft Teams’ strength really lies with the fact that all the tools you need day to day are integrated into a single application.  “This includes not only the tried and tested Microsoft services but also offers […]
  • Lumen Sells ILEC to Brightspeed for $7.5bn
    Lumen Technologies announced the sale of its ILEC business to Brightspeed for $7.5bn which it believes will provide new business and growth opportunities.   An Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC) is any U.S. telephone company that provided local service when the U.S. Telecommunications Act was passed in 1996.   Lumen’s ILEC is operational in 20 states, and […]
  • Google Workspace Reports for Duty With US Army Deployment
    The United States Army has deployed Google Workspace to both new and current soldiers to ensure that all users have an email solution. ActivTrak Integrates with Google Workspace For Work Insights Google Workspace Individual Now Available in Europe Google Workspace Releases AI-Based Updates Soldiers will have access to the full Workspace suite, which includes Gmail, […]
  • Enterprises and Resellers turn to Bandwidth to Solve Global Scaling-up Complexities 
    The fragmented global voice market has made it over-complex to deliver the quality and coverage enterprises demand as they scale up their usage of UC globally. Few providers truly have global footprints in spite of their claims, and the goal of delivering genuinely integrated global experiences to all markets in which they operate has remained […]
  • Introducing Logitech Sight for Greater Meeting Equity
    Logitech has introduced the AI-powered tabletop camera ‘Logitech Sight’ to intelligently capture meeting participants for greater meeting equity.   Sight has been designed to solve the question of where cameras and microphones should be placed in a room to capture all participants effectively.   The tabletop camera will be available from mid-2023 for $1,999, including VAT.   […]




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